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The Campus – My Sanctuary

Life of a research student can be very stressful sometimes. Everyone has a different way of coping with stress; I for one have found some very delightful and solitary places on the campus itself.

My Sanctuary after a long day

My Sanctuary after a long hard day – the old tree near the hostel

I found this solitary tree with a bench; a quiet place to reflect on your life. After a long and hard and sometimes unsuccessful day at work/lab I often spend my time here on cool summer evenings.

My Sanctuary after a long day

My Sanctuary after a long hard day – with friends

My Sanctuary after a long day

My Sanctuary after a long hard day – for some time alone

This Chinese style shelter is a good place to spend time after work. One may sit with friends over a nice cup of coffee or just a read a book when alone. There are many such places on the campus and everyone can choose their own spot.


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Prologue: First Day in Taiwan

Hallelujah! I arrived at my destination, Hsinchu, after a not so pleasant journey from India to Taoyuan (Taiwan) via Guang Fu (China). An old dear friend came to receive me. After exchanging pleasantries we headed to the university – National Chiao Tung University – my temple of knowledge for the years to come.

Well my new home deserves a special mention. Hsinchu is also known as “the windy city” aptly named as I came to know in a few days of my stay here. The winds never stop and if they do I believe it becomes news. The weather is good in September with rain and sunshine equally dominating the conditions. Typhoons are rare guests and usually welcome because you may get an official vacation; quite amusing but not really a good reason to celebrate.

My first day in Hsinchu was not short of a spectacle. It was a beautiful day in the “windy city”, wet and clean roads, pleasant weather – sunshine and drizzle – water dripping off trees, the sky shone and trees gleamed – a mix of yellow and green. On the way were small road side cafes, people walking under colorful umbrellas dappled the pavements, tall buildings here and small brick houses there. A stop near Mr. Brown coffee house and one could smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee mixed with scent of rain. I never had received a more warm welcome than what I got in Hsinchu. Love at first sight. Life full of surprises and this was more pleasant than I imagined. I had what some call a peaceful easy feeling.

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