Its good to be back

Ah, long time I scribbled any posts. It’s always a pleasure to write about my experiences and I am glad to be back after a long break. A long break because of tough subjects, mind boggling lab tasks and my own lack of will. Good news is that all that is over now and I am free to write again. Last few months have been really eventful. I was buried under a ton of assignments, attended some crazy parties, helped a few drunken friends out of trouble, met new people mostly exchange students from Europe (notably Italy), climbed to the top of Mt. Jade, made a trip to Philippines, jogged my way to fitness and made up to the lost sleep later on. What I really missed on was capturing these moments in my camera but I hope to get something to post in the future with some nice or sometimes odd pictures as evidence to support my escapades. I will keep this post short and as a precursor to the more elaborate and interesting posts to come. Till then zài jiàn.


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