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My Guardian Angels

Angel Yu and Aileen Yu

Angel Yu                                                                                 Aileen Yu

Away from home in a strange land – I always imagined and prepared myself for a life of solitude and hardship. In my experience it’s the small things that can get better of a person. One may end up depressed and stressed, as it happened to one Indian friend who recently got admitted to NCTU. Feeling home sick is one of the symptoms of the troubles that may come along. In such situations one needs people who can help you get through these crazy emotions; people that help you get through difficult times and help you settle down.

I may take some space to boast that I have got friends that got were there to help this confused soul but this post is reserved for two very special persons I met here – Angel and Aileen, executive assistant and project manager, respectively of EECS department (of course it’s there official introduction), but for souls like me they are the guardians who are there whenever they are needed. I may write innumerable lines about these two “angels” and there may still be a lot to say. As of now all I would say is, we don’t need real angels from heaven when there are people like you. I think that people like me would be lost if you are not there. Thank you for being there!


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