EECS International Graduate Program

The NCTU offers degree courses through various programs that attract students from all over the world. The EECS International Graduate Program is one such program that offers graduate/PhD degrees in the field on electrical engineering and computer science. In Taiwan education is imparted in Chinese language but the international program’s courses are taught in English that gives a good opportunity to students from across the globe to explore Taiwan’s education system and ongoing academic research.

Int'l Graduate Program Office

Int’l Graduate Program Office

All the courses are structured and designed for the industry. The research labs of the electrical, electronics and computer science are open to all the students and one may choose to join any lab of interest. The students also have the freedom to study subjects from multiple fields like electrical and electronics, computer science and even MBA. The EECS department offers financial aids to students in the form of scholarships, tuition waivers and paid on-campus jobs. Usually, all the students get one or other form of financial aids.


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